Q: Are you a qualified arborist and do you do tree reports?

A: Yes, I am a qualified arborist with cert 3 in arborculture and no we do not provide legal tree reports.

Q: Do you have a Cherry Picker?

A: No, we do not have a cherry picker as we are a tree climbing business. We have all required equipment to climb trees safely and efficiently, we do however hire in cherry pickers on jobs when required.

Q: Do you have a woodchipper?

A: Yes, we have a woodchipper and chip up all foliage and small wood unless specified not to. We can chip wood up to 14 inches in diameter.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, we are fully insured

Q: Do you grind stumps?

A: Yes, we provide a stump grinding service

Q: Can we keep the mulch?

A: Yes, you are fully entitled to keep the mulch from your job. We only cart it away if you don’t wish to keep it.